3 Jun 2021

The Future of Banking

By |2021-06-03T20:13:42+00:00June 3, 2021|Automation, Digitization, Innovation, Protection, Strategy|

Dean Haacker recently joined hosts Patrick and Shelli on the Innovation and the Digital Enterprise podcast to engage in a wide-ranging conversation about the importance of living at the corner of strategy and innovation. Check out the June 3rd [...]

5 Apr 2021

Think like a Visionary

By |2021-04-05T23:13:54+00:00April 5, 2021|Innovation, Operations, Strategy|

Think like a Visionary Have you ever heard how former North Carolina State University men’s basketball coach Jim Valvano had his players practice by cutting down the net? Once every year, Valvano had each player and coach lifted to [...]

27 Apr 2020

Rebuilding Trust in Turbulent Times

By |2021-03-29T21:12:53+00:00April 27, 2020|Digitization, Innovation, Operations, Strategy|

You have no doubt heard about the three 'T's required to re-open the economy – Testing, Tracking and Treatment. However, another important aspect of the recovery cannot be overlooked and that is Trust. Rebuilding trust in our relationships may [...]

17 Feb 2020

Innovation is like the weather

By |2021-03-29T21:13:34+00:00February 17, 2020|Automation, Digitization, Innovation, Strategy|

Innovation is like the weather. It’s always changing and sometimes arrives in powerful bursts. Disruptive Innovation We lost one of the world's most influential management thinkers, Clayton Christensen, to cancer on Jan 23, 2020. Christensen’s theory on “disruptive innovation” [...]

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